Corporate Values

Wiebe Group Corporate Values

The Wiebe Group has a history of constructing quality buildings and keeping them well-managed and maintained in the Abbotsford community. As our family has grown, so has our business, but we’ve never lost sight of maintaining the same corporate values through each generation.

The Wiebe Group is a locally based Canadian company built on a solid financial and ethical foundation. We’re a community player with the following core values:

Trust & Value

We value our business relationships within every industry sector in the community. We’ve built solid partnerships and a reputation of trust among suppliers and clients so we can be counted on to complete projects as promised.


With advances in technology, new materials and smart-building designs, we explore innovative designs for each new development we undertake. We’re committed to improving upon the interior and exterior of a building where economically feasible.


We never forget our roots and give back to the city of Abbotsford, our local hospital as well as local and overseas charities with our time and resources.


With trust, established goals and each team member’s responsibilities identified, teamwork is the foundation of our corporation. We’re a team player and listen to new suggestions with an open mind.